Tetrad IT is an established IT products and services company specialising in Customer Experience for On Premise and Cloud applications.

Go to Services Go to thegreencloud.co.za Understanding customers is a critical success factor for any organisation. Now more than ever, customers want to connect and do business through many different channels.

Bridging generational gaps and attitudes is no easy feat. Oracle’s Customer Experience applications allow us to create that link whilst at the same time maximising employees’ productivity. Tetrad IT is a proud South African company and Oracle Partner.

Tetrad IT drives Customer Experience by providing a full suite of professional services for both On-Premise and Cloud applications. These range from Siebel, Fusion CRM, RIghtNow and Enterprise Development on the Java platform, to Master Data Management.

Our Philosophy
We engage with clients in a mutually beneficial manner, with the goal of building a long term relationships. These are characterised by mutual trust and our commitment to consistently delivering world-class services through experienced and well trained consultants.
Our Approach
Tetrad IT has become known for its commitment to excellence. This is largely due to our hiring practices that ensure we have only the brightest and the best talent onboard that it takes to succeed in our mission and vision of offering top-class services to our clients.